Introducing Petra Systems’
Smart Streetlight
Network Solutions

Creating value across a collaborative
ecosystem of utilities, local and national cellular carriers,
and municipalities.

Our Approach Generate revenue
from your streetlights
Line drawing of a street scene. Wi-fi symbols are coming from the streetlights and from peoples' cell phones.

Petra’s Smart Streetlight Network Solutions™ enable cities, cellular carriers, and utilities to work together to transform streetlights into a valuable Smart City network that generates revenue and enhances the quality of life.

Unlock the value of your streetlights through Intelligent Streetlight Retrofits that:

  • Create highly efficient, net-zero energy networks
  • Extend cellular coverage and quality with VoWiFi and Wi-Fi data offloading
  • Improve safety, resiliency and services for citizens and businesses
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Cell Carriers

By using streetlights, cellular carriers can shift from large cell towers to a denser, more distributed network architecture. This allows them to offer both high bandwidth and low latency for lower cost and meet the ever-increasing demand for coverage without sacrificing service and quality.

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Utilities can extend the value of LED retrofits by transforming streetlights into valuable, energy efficient, revenue-generating assets that expand service offerings and enhance customer and member satisfaction.

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Municipalities and governments can maximize the value of their streetlights through an Intelligent Streetlight Retrofit that combines the energy savings of an LED replacement with the revenue potential of a city-wide Wi-Fi network to further improve community services and safety.

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Proven Smart City innovation

More than 10 years of field tested and proven Smart City technology innovation
Over 250,000 installed systems since 2006
World leader in highly distributed power electronics

Unlock the true value of streetlight networks

Leverage your streetlight network for Smart City innovation. Reduce energy costs, create net-zero streetlight energy networks and extend cellular coverage and quality for economically sound Smart City projects.

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