Harness the power of
intelligent streetlight networks

Smart Streetlights An ecosystem
of value

An Intelligent Streetlight retrofit is the ideal platform for Smart City applications, transforming streetlights into one of your most valuable assets. It allows you to upgrade to energy efficient lighting, extend cellular and Wi-Fi networks, establish pole-to-pole mesh communications, and add solar generation to enable net-zero streetlight energy bills.

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The Intelligent
Retrofit opportunity

Decrease energy consumption by 60+ percent and boost bulb life expectancy by 3 to 4 times while reducing network operations and maintenance costs.

The Smart City
services opportunity

Leverage streetlight infrastructure to build a self-funded, citywide, low-to-medium bandwidth mesh data and communications backbone for Smart City applications that can include intelligent parking, traffic, digital advertising, EV charging, and public safety systems.

The Cellular
Streetlight opportunity

Using streetlights to build high-density, high-bandwidth communications networks, governments, utilities and commercial organizations can make themselves vital partners for telecommunication companies as they roll out the next generation of high-speed service.

The value of Smart City

With Petra’s Smart Streetlight Network Solutions, cellular carriers and streetlight owners reduce costs and generate revenue, all while providing even better service for their customers.

Improve Efficiency
  • Reduce streetlight energy and operations and maintenance costs
  • Improve cellular coverage and service levels with Wi-Fi data offloading and Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi)
Generate Revenue
  • Establish a new shared revenue stream between the streetlight asset owners and cellular providers
  • Develop a city-wide communications platform for expanded Smart City services
Build for the Future
  • Build a strong ecosystem of partners who share the value of improved service capabilities, enhanced revenue streams and cost optimized infrastructure improvement

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