The Smart City Opportunity

Strengthen project economics and ROI with solar energy revenue generation and add-ons

  • Generate a 12-20% return on investment
  • Reduce a municipality's streetlight energy bill by over 50%
  • Deliver over 2.5 times the value of a stand alone LED retrofit projects
  • Shorten project payback periods by 30%
  • Generate an average of over $7.5 million in annual revenue per 50,000 poles

Petra System's Smart City Solutions (SCS) transform streetlights from simple roadway lighting into revenue generating assets that extend the value of LED retrofit projects and establish a robust and cost optimized data and communications network.

Petra SCS combines the cost savings of LED retrofits with solar energy revenue production to deliver a savings and income generation stream over its entire lifespan. Combined with the data and communication network that Petra SCS delivers, at no additional cost, this system allows cities to self-fund additional technologies including surveillance, EV charging stations, emergency response support, as well as others, while still reducing overall expenses.

Modernize infrastructure, execute energy efficiency programs, improve community safety and security to maximize taxpayer value and generate both development and economic growth.