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Create revenue-generating
Smart Cities

A solution for every market Petra solutions create collaborative, revenue-generating Smart City partnerships.
For Municipalities Maximize revenue potential.

Unlock recurring revenue streams that are orders of magnitude greater than traditional streetlight attachment rates.

Increase the value of an LED retrofit

Extend the value of your retrofit by building a city-wide carrier-grade communications network that generates revenue, enhances security and delivers valuable IoT and Smart City services.

Maximize your lights’ earning power

Create a city-owned network that allows you to partner with mobile carriers to generate uncapped revenue on your streetlight network.

Deploy economically sound Smart City projects

Modernize municipal infrastructure and provide valuable services to citizens and businesses with Smart City projects that generate revenue for positive ROI.

For Utilities Unlock new revenue streams.

Leverage your existing assets to generate new sources of revenue for your customers and members.

Offset the impact of streetlight modernization

Deliver the most cost effective, energy efficient streetlight solutions to customers and members by adding uncapped revenue streams and economically sound Smart City services to the cost savings of adaptive LED retrofits.

Unlock new 5G and Smart City revenue sources

Partner with mobile carriers to tap into new revenue streams by transforming streetlights into city-wide high-bandwidth communications networks.

Strengthen your operations with Smart Energy Solutions

Enhance your operations with public and private communications networks, solar power generation, AMI backhaul and other IoT services.

For Mobile Carriers Densify your network.

Mobile data traffic generated by smartphones will increase by nearly 10 times over the next 4 years. Transforming streetlight infrastructure into an extension of your network is the optimal way to prepare for it.

Gain access to valuable infrastructure

Get on-demand access to increased capacity and coverage with carrier-grade Wi-Fi with throughput and uptime guarantees, seamless SIM-based authentication and authorization, billing synchronization and support for subscriber’s non-SIM devices.

Provide better coverage at a reduced cost

Provide the highest levels of coverage, service and quality to your customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional towers with small-, pico- and micro-cell high-density, distributed systems on existing infrastructure.

Improve the overall performance of your network

Increase network performance and coverage and reduce latency with a curated, AAA secure carrier-grade streetlight Wi-Fi network.

Futureproof your network

Densifying your network not only helps you meet today’s demand but ensures your ability to meet tomorrow’s as well.

For Financiers Invest in the future.

With energy efficiency, carrier-grade 5G-ready communication networks, Smart City services and renewable energy generation, the PSSN helps ensure your investments deliver the strongest possible returns.

Extend the value of LED

Create a city-owned network that allows you to partner with mobile carriers to generate uncapped revenue on your streetlight network.

Invest in the next generation of public-private partnerships

Simplify the complexity for cities, utilities and carriers enabling advantaged siting access to mobile carriers for expanded capacity and coverage and allowing cities and utilities to continuously grow revenue streams.

Be positioned for the 5G future

Be ideally positioned to capitalize on the growth of data demand and the eventual, and inevitable, growth of smart city applications and services.