Bringing value to every
part of the chain

For Cellular Carriers Densify your

Leverage streetlights to improve coverage, service levels and
overall network performance.

Gain access to valuable infrastructure

Strengthen your network with VoWiFi and Wi-Fi data offloading and transform streetlight networking into an extension of your cellular network.

Provide better coverage at a reduced cost

Enhance coverage at a fraction of the cost of traditional towers as well as small-, pico- and micro-cell approaches by using existing physical infrastructure.

Improve the overall performance of your network

Increase network performance and coverage and reduce latency with a curated, AAA secure carrier-grade streetlight Wi-Fi network.

For Utilities And Municipalities Significantly improve
revenue generation

Unlock recurring revenue streams that are orders of magnitude greater than traditional streetlight attachment rates.

Maximize your lights’ earning power

Partner with cellular carriers to help extend coverage through streetlight enabled VoViFI and Wi-Fi data offloading.

Increase the value of an LED retrofit

Establish a distributed data and communications network for enhanced security and extended service at little to no cost to self-fund Smart City technologies including surveillance, public and private Wi-Fi, digital advertising, electric vehicle charging, emergency response and grid performance monitoring.

Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency through intelligent O&M

Streamline streetlight network operations and maintenance for reduced expense and improved asset utilization.

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