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Petra Solar delivers reliable, cost effective, and turnkey distributed smart solar and Smart City solutions. Leveraging its innovative smart solar technology platform, the SunWave™ system, Petra Solar provides the industry's most complete turnkey Microinverter solution offering. Combining its proprietary technology with services that can include system design and engineering support, procurement, installation, project finance and ongoing operations and maintenance, Petra can tailor a solution to meet the performance and economic goals of the most demanding projects.

Petra's SunWave solution platform enables:

  • System design flexibility
  • Simplified installation
  • Enhanced energy production in shaded, full sun, extreme temperature and high dust/debris environments
  • Robust panel level performance visibility to streamline the ongoing operations and management of the array
  • Advanced grid control functionality and intelligent operations and management capabilities

With over eight years of experience in distributed solar energy generation, Petra Solar combines one of the solar industry's most field tested and proven Microinverter technologies with extensive system expertise gained from working with the world's largest power companies, communities, and municipalities.

With its commitment to innovation, flexible technology and product platform, and financing solutions, Petra Solar will deliver the most cost effective approach to optimizing peak capacity while meeting your renewable project goals.

The result — reduced design and installation costs, unparalleled flexibility in design and installation, increased system uptime and performance, and significantly lower ongoing maintenance expenses over the 20+ year lifespan of the system.


Flexible solar generating shade structures for highly optimized performance

Key Benefits

• Flexible system building blocks for a wide variety of structure types, applications and finishes
• Optimized design to reduce overall material and balance of system costs
• Maximized energy harvest with portrait, landscape and side-tilt orientations
• Simplified balance of system design and construction
• Turnkey, code-approved installation services
• Granular energy generation metering and monitoring
• Robust system wide performance, status and diagnostics data

Petra's SunWave flexible system building block design simplifies the installation resulting in faster assembly rates and reduced labor on every project. PV module mounting is available in portrait, landscape or side-tilt orientations for increased energy production. Petra Solar offers professional, code approval installation services on all solar ready shade structures.

Petra Solar's engineering staff is available to assist with your next project. Please complete the RFQ form or contact our product support team at:

Optimal performance and design flexibility enabling profitable, reliable rooftop energy generation

As energy demands increase throughout the Middle East, the economics of rooftop solar installations significantly improves. Petra Solar has been an active part of this growth in the region over the last few years and remains the Middle East's most widely deployed Microinverter solution.

Key Benefits

• Flexible and Modular Installation: Unlike string inverter solutions that require unified solar panel installation with unified directions and tilt angles, the SunWave™ system allows for maximum flexibility and maximum roof utilization; – the solar panels can be positioned to face different directions with varying tilt angles with minimal system or performance limitations.

• Safety: The SunWave™ System presents lower risk for installers and owners because it runs on a far lower direct current (DC) input voltage, effectively eliminating the risk of injury caused by high voltage DC electrocution. Conventional DC solar systems require connecting the panels in series strings resulting in high and lethal DC voltages, which can't be interrupted even if the AC power is disconnected.

• Lower Maintenance Costs: With string inverters maintenance and replacements and DC subsystem component failures, conventional DC solar systems require higher operational and maintenance costs to keep the system operational for the lifetime of the solar panels.

• Higher Energy Yield: The SunWave System generates 12% or higher energy yield compared to string inverter solutions due to the maximum power per panel energy harvest embedded in each SunWave™ AC module. Unlike the SunWave System, string inverters are highly susceptible to shading, soiling, and dust, which can reduce energy production by 10% to 50% of total system output.

• Monitoring, O&M Services: Petra Solar offers extensive monitoring and O&M services through its cloud based intelligent energy monitoring platform, Intelliview™, which features advanced data analytics of solar system performance.

Petra Solar's engineering staff is available to assist with your next project. Please complete the RFQ form or contact our product support team at

Petra's highly optimized energy harvest virtually eliminates the negative effects of shading, dust and debris, temperature and panel mismatch in commercial and utility scale ground mount installations.

Compared to central inverters, the SunWave solution platform offers significant improvements in system uptime and performance in ground mounted installations. This is amplified as array sizes increase due to the increased impact of performance impacting issues such as shading, dust and debris, and panel mismatch.

Petra's SunWave solution platform key benefits:

• Fully integrated AC module building block
• Maximum energy harvest
• Maximum power per panel
• Flexible design allowing strings of different lengths and orientations to the sun
• Minimized system downtime due to no single-point failure

By breaking up array into panel level harvest points, Petra enables fine-grained energy generation and combines that with panel level monitoring, diagnostics, and management. The result is a combination of design flexibility, increased performance, and reduced O&M.

Because panel level harvest allows for strings of different lengths and orientations to the sun, the SunWave solution enables different foundations and installation approaches for addressing uneven terrain and various soil types and conditions. Where excavation is limited due to land use—such as installations on landfills, or areas where subterranean obstacles like underground utilities or shallow bedrock exist—foundations that do not require penetration, such as precast or cast-in-place concrete ballast blocks, are used.

Petra Solar's engineering staff is available to assist with your next project. Please complete the RFQ form or contact our product support team at team at

Petra Solar's SunWave™ pole-mounted solutions offer solar energy generation, smart grid communications, and a utility-grade meter. The SunWave solutions bring solar online faster, enabling significant energy generation by using existing assets and time-tested deployment strategies. The system mounts quickly and safely to utility distribution and streetlight poles to deliver power directly to the electric grid. This turnkey "mount and play" solution is designed to be easily installed by linemen and utility crews on utility poles in under 30 minutes.

Petra SunWave pole-mounted solutions include a high efficiency solar energy system inclusive of a PV solar panel with an integrated SunWave Microinverter along with racking and cabling for pole attachment. The smart solar system communicates with access point through a wireless mesh network established by poles (Zigbee or Wi-Fi). The access points relay data back to a control center via a WiFi or cellular backhaul. Lastly, the IntelliView™ Smart Energy Platform provides control and data analytics of the deployed pole assets.


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