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Generate unrivaled
streetlight revenue

Our Unique Approach

Petra Systems brings together municipalities, utilities and mobile carriers to create revenue generating streetlight networks. By combining energy efficiency, renewable energy and mobile data offload services with existing streetlight infrastructure, we’re transforming assets into the springboard for economically sound, 5G-ready Smart Cities.

Energy Solutions Reduce costs.
Generate revenue.

Reducing the energy bill of your streetlight network delivers strong value, but it’s only the beginning. By incorporating high-capacity, carrier-grade communication networks for data services, solar capacity, and both Smart City and Smart Energy services, you’re adding revenue to savings.

High Efficiency Adaptive Street Lighting

An energy-saving LED retrofit can cut energy consumption in half. But when you add dynamic streetlight control that includes dimming, scheduling, remote on/off capabilities and reduced O&M costs thanks to predictive maintenance and controls, now you’re looking at a reduction in consumption by up to 75%.

Renewable Energy Generation

Adding solar capacity allows you to go beyond breaking even—it gives you the ability to offset your electric bill for a true net-zero streetlight network—and generate revenues above and beyond that.

Smart Energy

Building off of our highly distributed sensing, communications and controls network, Petra Systems offers valuable services to utilities, such as AMI network backhaul, private communications networks, and storage solutions.

Data Services Optimize for today.
Be prepared for tomorrow.

With Petra Systems’ managed high density small cell network core, streetlights can now become a seamless extension of your network to not only meet the demands for coverage and capacity today, but position you to satisfy the increasing demands in the future.

Carrier Data Offload

Strengthen and augment your network with streetlight integrated small cells, fully integrated to your core network with throughput and uptime guarantees, seamless SIM-based authentication and authorization, billing synchronization and support for subscriber’s non-SIM devices.

Hotspot Connectivity

Connect with more customers with infrastructure for onboarding, authentication and authorization, data usage records, network management and customer usage related analytics—all for any Wi-Fi device.

IoT WI-FI Connectivity

Service 3rd parties with segregated, secure private networks, authentication of 3rd party devices, and support for services requiring high bandwidth/high availability as well as low bandwidth.

IoT Services Integration

Deliver access to backhaul and extend coverage to 3rd party IoT network technologies, provide custom authentication methods for devices, aggregation networks for services and integration with IoT core networks.

Why Petra Systems?

Petra Systems is creating the next generation of public-private partnerships by transforming streetlights into uncapped revenue generating Smart City assets for municipalities, utilities and mobile carriers.

Streetlight Owners

Asset owners can generate recurring revenue that goes beyond offsetting the cost of streetlight retrofits while simultaneously improving the quality of life and business for private and commercial citizens.

Mobile Carriers

Carriers can strengthen their network by gaining on-demand capacity and coverage through simplified access to streetlights.

Frequently Asked Questions.
For Streetlight Owners
How is the Petra approach different from all of the other Smart City streetlight solutions?

Petra’s model is unique in that it gives the owner of the streetlight direct access to the new revenues that are generated on the poles in addition to the cost savings of the retrofit. Other models offer paying for streetlight retrofits as an asset purchase or fixed payments determined up front. With Petra, the revenues available to the city are not fixed. The more the streetlight network is used, the more the city makes. With continued demand for more data, this means the streetlight owners have unlimited earning potential from their streetlights.

How is this different than Wi-Fi hotspots?

The PSSN is carrier-grade network and becomes a seamless extension of the carriers’ networks. Where traditional Wi-Fi hot spots are “best effort” and local to a designated area, the PSSN maintains the highest levels of performance and quality to ensure that it operates in accordance to the requirements of carrier Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for data and voice. In addition, the PSSN provides full AAA capabilities with a tight integration to each carriers' core for routing, billing and performance management.

What responsibility does the streetlight owner have in the day to day operations and maintenance of the communications?

All operations and maintenance of the network, including hardware and software, are managed by Petra.

Is there any ongoing cost associated with operations and maintenance?

Cities and Utilities are not liable for recurring O&M costs.

Can I use the streetlight communications network to deploy other services? If so, what do you support?

The PSSN can be used as the primary backbone for additional IoT and Smart City applications and services. These services can include, but are not limited to parking, security, advertising, metering, private communications networks, public and private hot-spots, and others.

Is the streetlight owner responsible for managing the carriers on the network?

With the PSSN, Petra works closely with each carrier to bring them onto the network, integrate to their core systems and ensure that the network runs successfully each day. As a multi-tenant system, this will greatly simplify the carrier interaction for the streetlight owners.

For Mobile Carriers
How will the streetlights interoperate with our existing towers? Will our existing assets be stranded?

The PSSN is an augmentation to your network and will be a policy-driven extension of your existing assets. It also provides coverage and capacity on-demand to help you address future growth demands without capital investments or prolonged permitting and construction requirements.

Will data-offload cannibalize my revenue?

Petra’s system includes full service AAA and integration into the Carriers’ core ensuring that each MB is metered and billed. Quite contrary, the Petra network will allow the carrier to support customer’s non-sim devices increasing the data consumption per subscriber.

How does the mobile device recognize the Petra network and hand up and down from our LTE network?

Today this is done by the phone; the addition of ANDSF functionality will enable the carrier to control the offloading of data traffic from the mobile network to the PSSN.

What is the difference between this approach and the standard small-cell/ macro-cell approach?

The PSSN enables lower capital and operating costs, operation on unlicensed frequency bands, access to non-sim devices. The network supplements the traditional small-cell/ macro-cell approach.