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Smarter Networks Petra Smart Streetlight
Network Solutions

Petra’s Smart Streetlight Network Solutions establish the communications backbone for Smart City services and can be expanded to include integrated, carrier-grade Wi-Fi solutions that strengthen regional and national cellular networks.

The Petra Smart City Solution
  • Uninterrupted network coverage
  • Blanket Wi-Fi coverage in targeted areas
  • Seamless hand off between cellular and Wi-Fi network
  • Network self-optimization to ensure maximum bandwidth availability with low latency
  • Origination and completion of voice calls from within the Wi-Fi network
  • Standards-based integration to carrier network
  • Easy interoperability between networks
  • Automatic secured access for users and devices
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Smarter Streetlights The Petra Carrier-Grade
Wi-Fi Streetlight System

An Intelligent Streetlight Retrofit starts with an energy-saving LED replacement, adding control, improving security, and simplifying streetlight operations and management.

The Petra Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi Streetlight System
  • LEDs cut energy consumption by 40 to 50 percent
  • Adaptive lighting control reduces energy use by additional 10 to 20 percent
  • LED lights last 3 to 4 times longer than typical streetlights
  • Petra’s Smart Lighting ControllerTM enables customized light for parks and other public areas
  • Mobile devices and Apps to allow for remote control of lights
  • Revenue grade metering tracks energy use of each streetlight
  • Enhanced illumination levels to support public safety
  • Dimming and on/off control down to individual light level
  • Alerts ensure outages are quickly addressed
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Smarter O+M The Petra Intelliview
Asset Management System

Petra’s IntelliView® platform enables a dynamic view of all network activity, giving municipalities the ability to instantly see network performance and energy usage, control lighting, identify failures, optimize O&M, and manage security.

The Petra Intelliview Asset Management System
A Single Network Operating System
  • Enables dynamic views of all network activity including lighting, carrier grade Wi-Fi and energy consumption and generation
  • Improves network operations and maintenance through advanced diagnostics
  • Real-time management and control
Monitor & Measure
  • Delivers a consolidated dashboard for smart city applications and services
  • Enables revenue grade metering for all streetlight devices
  • Allows pinpoint and resolution of system failures and exceptions
Manage & Control
  • Provides real-time control over lighting behaviors
  • Enables configurable, role base alerts
  • Supports optimized operations and maintenance
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Additional Intelligence The Petra Smart Solar
Power Generator

Power for streetlights is often the largest part of a city’s power bill. Adding pole-mounted solar can further extend the value of an LED streetlight retrofit. The Petra Smart Solar Power Generator can help create a net-zero energy streetlight network.

The Petra Smart Solar Power Generator
  • Pole-mounted solar panels generate enough energy for a net-zero system
  • Each solar panel produces the equivalent energy consumed by four to six streetlights
  • At scale, 50,000 poles generate over 10 megawatts, enough to power 1,800 homes
  • Networked microinverters offer granular insight into system performance
  • Revenue grade metering tracks production and performance by the pole
  • Enables grid-independent lighting and communications
  • Wi-Fi network enables ongoing monitoring
  • Distributed solar power plant design eliminates single point of system failure
  • No high-voltage DC power, automatic panel-level shutoff
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