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The intersection of
Smart City and 5G

Build a Smarter City

Petra Systems is transforming energy-efficient streetlights into revenue-generating, renewable assets that deliver a smarter city through mobile voice and mobile data offload.

The Petra Small Cell Streetlight Network™ How it works.

Petra Systems is delivering the next generation of public-private partnerships and generating the highest streetlight revenue streams for you, whether you’re a utility, municipality or mobile carrier.

For Streetlight Owners

A retrofit that makes money.

LED streetlight retrofits deliver significant cost improvements, reducing electricity consumption and the expense related with operating and maintaining the streetlight network. With Petra’s PSSN, streetlight owners can extend the value of the retrofit to include Smart City services and recurring revenue streams that secure the optimal position for Smart City and 5G modernization.

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For Mobile Carriers

Extend coverage. Increase capacity. Improve quality.

Extend reach and traffic by accessing a ubiquitous, previously untapped network—streetlights. Petra Systems provides advantaged acquisition of pole siting rights, simplifying the complexity of managing interactions with multiple streetlight owners and enabling you to increase capacity and coverage with high density, high bandwidth, small cell offload services—all without additional capital investment.

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Petra Solutions Energy + Data =
Unlimited revenues.
Energy Solutions

Our adaptive LED streetlight networks dramatically improve energy efficiency and streetlight network management, reducing consumption by up to 75%. The PSSN can also be extended to include renewable energy generation capacity as well as other valuable Smart Energy solutions, enabling a highly efficient, smart net-zero energy streetlight network.

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Data Services

With PSSN Data Services, Petra Carriers get access to a ubiquitous and untapped network, increasing capacity and coverage while improving overall network quality. Streetlight owners get access to uncapped revenue potential that can grow in proportion to utilization and a city-wide communication network for Smart City applications.

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